Alright guys, here’s what’s going on:

So as a lot of you know, I’m trying to plan a study abroad trip, the second time around. My first time, was supposed to be the spring semester of 2012, but it fell through due to financial issues, and here I am again, in need of assistance. 

I’m trying to study abroad at the University of Westminster, with a remaining balance of $14,050 that I have to pay. My college will cover a good amount, but since I’m doing this independently and not through my own college, whatever scholarships that my college is giving me through them directly, I cannot use: I’m losing $7,000.

I have a job currently, but I’m lucky if I can get even 15 hours in one week, and I work at minimum wage (which here is $8.25), like most young people. 

'But you can just put that money away, can't you?' you may ask.

Unfortunately, I can’t. My mother and I live on our own, always have, but my mother pays for everything: the rent, the bills, etc. and we’re lucky if she has fifty dollars left over for the month. So, in turn, I’m the one who has to buy groceries for us to survive for a while (which is about $200 each month), get gas whenever needed, and any little payment that my mom can’t cover. So every two weeks, my paycheck is basically non-existant.

I’ve applied for scholarships: one full ride, and two basic ones. One of them I’m confident I’ll get, but the other two I honestly have no clue, and the full ride is a huge maybe, considering how competitive those can be. So, I’m asking for help.

I’m using GoFundMe as the sole means of donation.

The goal of $3,500 might seem a bit far fetched, and maybe it is, but if I could even get just ONE dollar from all of you wonderful people, it would help, trust me. There’s a lot more to pay for than just tuition: plane tickets, luggage fees, money to SURVIVE for four months considering the university doesn’t have a meal plan. So, your donations could go towards a variety of things, and believe me when I say I could never be more grateful.

SIDE NOTE: My plan is, once I go, to buy lots of fun things and fandom related things, if possible, and as you know I’m a photography major so except many many photographs, even a side blog possibly, for my adventures. So, I plan on hopefully doing a HUGE giveaway when I get back home in early January next year (the semester is September-January), for all of you lovely followers who help! It’ll contain the things I buy as WELL as one or two large photographic prints of my favorite photographs of London!

Click here to help!

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