The Hobbit Premiere, 12/12/12: The day started off on a bit of a sour note, with me not getting up to be there at 7am like planned; I’d set my alarm but never switched it to the ‘on’ position, ugh. (But it ended on a high note with Martin Freeman winking at my friends and I as he was signing my Sherlock book) So I woke up at 10:30 instead, and my friend and I had gotten there at 11:30 or so. They were still setting up everything, and we didn’t really see many people there, so we sat for about 10-15 minutes until we heard some screaming and an announcement of letting people in somewhere.

See, earlier I’d thought the line was for the theatre ticket building, since that’s where it was coming from and leading towards; but then I asked a guard of sorts, “What is the queue for?” and he said “The Hobbit,” so we got wristbands and waited around the corner for about 15-20 minutes, and then closer to the barricades for about another 15-20 minutes until they let us in the area across from the press area. When I’d gone to the Les Mes premiere last week, we’d gone to the other area where the stars arrive, and our luck was pretty good, but for some reason they were all just going to the other barricade and not really touching our side, so I felt good about being where we were - right in the center of the action.

So 5:15 came around, and stars started to arrive; turns out it was probably better in the end to be where we’d been for the Les Mes premiere since the stars spent SO MUCH TIME over there - by the time people like Peter Jackson and Andy Serkis got to our side of the carpet after interviews, they barely had time to say hi to us, and just waved or like Andy, blew a kiss. But, it was nice to see everyone arrive and walk the ‘red’ carpet - which was a nice green for the occasion - and stars like Steven Moffat, Sue Virtue, Dominic Monaghan, Stephen Fry, McFly, and many many others were there.

Most of the time what would happen was the stars - any of them - would always sign about up to a few feet before us, then move over to the press side, and then make their way down to the photography area - but Sir Ian, Martin, and a few others were so kind to come back and sign things for us.

NOW OKAY, MARTIN: So he came to our side, was signing a bit, then went to the press side. While he was doing interviews, I was SCREAMING my lungs out as best I could (hence why I have no voice now) for Amanda, and since I was sort of the only one who was, she looked right at me and motioned for ‘One minute!’ as Martin was finishing. So when Martin was finished he came rIGHT TO WHERE WE WERE AND HE WAS IN FRONT OF ME, WITH ONLY A SMALL METAL BARRICADE SEPARATING US. So I had a notebook for the other members of the cast to sign and then the Sherlock book for Martin to sign - but me being so caught up only had the notebook held out for him since it was held out from previous people signing it. So I was FREAKING OUT and saying, “OH CRAP OH CRAP,” as I was trying to get to the page where everyone else signed (ie Benedict, and tonight was when I got Sue and Steven to sign it as well), and I said, “Martin, could you please sign this?” and he looks at me and went, “Didn’t I just get you?” and I said, “Well…yeah…” but he still signed it like a gentleman and then proceeded to wink.

Commence my death here and now.

And once Martin moved down the line to where Amanda had gone, I screamed for her again, only for her to say, “Sorry! I can’t!” and pointed to Martin. Ah, well, she acknowledged me twice, at least.

Then the end of the night for my friends and I ended with seeing Prince. William. walking down the red carpet. It was completely void of people, and a nice, calm, respectful quiet had come over the crowd as he waved. Once inside, we were able to see him meeting the members of the cast on the screen outside.

So, I’d say I can die happy now, yes? Yes.

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